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Dr. Michel Delorme
An important individual in the development of CAZA-NARG has been Dr. Michel Delorme who was active in CAZA-NARG from 2001-2009. In addition to working to promote education in zoo animal nutrition for nearly a decade, Dr. Delorme brought creativity and innovation to the development of CAZA-NARG. He identified the talents of students to design the CAZA-NARG logo; the “Nutri-game” (available on this website); and, the Comparative Nutrition Database (CND) and Commissary program.

Dr. Delorme also promoted the development of research initiatives in zoo animal nutrition. He obtained the Hagen Fund that provides up to $2,000 yearly for nutrition research. The Hagen Fund was created through the generosity of Mark Hagen and Hagen Industries. An application for funding for nutrition research from this fund is available on this website. Dr. Delorme retired in 2009.

Nicolas Des Alliers
Nicolas was the programmer for the Comparative Nutrition Database (CND) and Commissary Program available on the CAZA-NARG website since 2005. He did this work while a student at the College Maisonneuve, Montreal, QC.

The Biodome de Montréal
The Biodome de Montréal has supported the growth and development of CAZA-NARG and zoo animal nutrition by providing funds, website support and talented individuals. Those talented individuals include Marcel Parent, Serge Pepin and Chantal Routhier. Specific recognition goes to Rachel Leger for her guidance and support of CAZA-NARG.