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Bi-yearly Reference List
CAZA-NARG provides a list of journal references on topics relevant to zoo animal nutrition. This list is posted bi-yearly (every 6 months).

Current Reference List: January 2015



The nutrition articles listed below are available for download in Word and/or PDF formats.


Applied Zoo Animal Nutrition
"Applied Zoo Animal Nutrition" is 380 pages of information useful to any zoological or wildlife professional with any responsibility for formulating, preparing or delivering diets to captive wildlife. The manual should be of benefit to you whether you have a nutrition background or if you are new to zoo animal nutrition. All information is current and applicable to your day-to-day performance of your job responsibilities. Topics include nutrition basics; gastrointestinal design and function; nutritional pathology; it includes mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians; and, the manual provides extensive reference material and appendices.

Price: $150 (CAD) plus shipping. (Shipping cost will depend on your location). Discounts are available depending on organization affiliations and bulk orders. We also offer a student discount.

For ordering information, please contact:
Deborah McWilliams, MSc, Wildlife Nutritionist


The Nutri-game is an interactive computer game where players can select animals from four classes of animals. For each animal, the player is offered a choice of three diets that could be fed to that specific animal, but only one diet is the correct diet based on the nutritional niche of the animal! To begin playing:


Funding Criteria

The Hagen Fund provides up to $2,000.00 (Canadian) funding support for nutrition research initiatives on captive wildlife species that are also kept by animal hobbyists. Funding is offered only to accredited Canada's Accredited Zoos and Aquariums (CAZA) institutions. Applications can be submitted throughout the year.

CAZA-NARG will consider projects that meet the following criteria:
  • Ensure the welfare of zoo animals (defined as significantly contributing to the eradication of a nutritional pathology, providing nutritional “occupation” (e.g., foraging or hunting opportunities), and/or environmental enrichment through responsible use of nutrition)
  • Assist young Canadian animal nutritionists in their academic programs (eligible students include those enrolled in an accredited university program (graduate students only) or college program (DVSc students and community college students)
  • Takes place within the geographic scope of Canada
Contributions will not be made towards the following:
  • Projects completed before the application is reviewed;
  • Projects taking place outside of Canada;
  • Private foundations or other granting agencies;
  • Salaries (where salaries represent a significant proportion of the total requested) or where the intent is to create an employment position;
  • Projects that benefit individuals or businesses
Recipients of The Hagen Fund Agree to:
  1. Conduct their research and professional behaviour according to the ethical guidelines of the Canada's Accredited Zoos and Aquariums (CAZA).
  2. Acknowledge the Hagen Fund and CAZA-NARG in any presentation or publication of research.
  3. Present, as far as possible, the findings of their research (in person or by proxy) at a CAZA Conference within two years of completion of their research.
  4. Provide financial support with The Hagen Fund only to students.
If you meet the funding criteria and agree to the above conditions, please complete the application form and forward it to CAZA-NARG. Upon receipt of the completed application form, you will be notified in writing within 30 days to confirm that your application has been forwarded to the advisory board for consideration.

Submit Online Hagen Research Fund Application